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Truly New – All Forever Living Retail Product Price List 2021 (GST)

new Forever Living product price list

Truly updated (FLP) Forever Living retailer product price list in India 2020 here. Including new product rate, code and products launched by the company. This rate list completeness is based on the price list of new products provided with GST. It also includes new products launched by the company.

This price list of this network is only for distributors and retailers, where they can see the difference between MRP and retail price are given on the product and find out their profit.

About FLP Company:-

Forever Living Products International is an American multi-level marketing network company based in Arizona. The company was started in 1978 by Rex Maughan. The company is particularly known for its Aloe Vera product.

It is famous worldwide due to Aloe Vera products. The company has 9.3 million distributors worldwide. (According to 2010 figures).

Forever Living Network Products Featuring

Products provided by this network are purely ayurvedic are the only ones that work on Aloe Vera. It is the only company in the world that produces the most of Aloe Vera products and maintains the health of people worldwide, sells in the market.

The turnover of the network is increasing year by year wherein 2010 it was 1.7 billion whereas in 2014 it went above 2 billion, from here you can find the company’s popular vaccine.

All Forever Living Retail Product Price List


Forever Living Product Price List

Forever Living all Product Price List


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