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Endless IMC Herbal Gomutra Benefits, Uses and Price

IMC Herbal Gomutra Benefits

Know benefits of Ayurvedic IMC herbal Gomutra, how to use, price and also know reviews given by people. IMC herbal cow urine is completely different from the others companies products.

In this, you also get a mixture of tulsi and cardamom, which makes this drug even more powerful and effective. In which along with cow urine, you get the benefits of cardamom and tulsi, which is not available in any other company’s urine product.

Features of Gomutra:-
If Gomutra is called nectar because of its characteristics, it will not diminish. Due to the beneficial elements present in it, many diseases are easily treated.

Curd, butter, buttermilk etc. are made from cow’s milk, which provide strength to man and also provide all important mineral elements to the body. Milk is specially given to patients. Due to which he becomes healthy as soon as possible.

The specialty of its urine is also excellent in all these. Because of which cow is worshiped. The greatest feature of cow urine is that it increases immunity in the human body, so that no disease can easily catch us and we live a healthy life.

The urine of the desi cow is said to be the best in Ayurveda. In which we get all those mineral elements which are very essential for the body, which are as follows: –

Organic acid
Uric acid
Goldenrod etc.

It expels toxins (which are present in the body) through urine.

Why use IMC herbal Gomutra?
Cow urine is a highly effective tonic, which enhances the body’s ability to fight germs. It acts as a medicament as soon as it enters the body, doubling the ability of other medicines you take, thereby making it They work fast.

It removes the dirty substances present in the body very easily through urine.

For people suffering from cancer, it is a boon that keeps the cell division of the body active and enhances them, so that the patient suffering from cancer can spend his life easily.

It is very beneficial in getting rid of all the diseases related to human body like heart, kidneys and lungs. It works for them.

Benefits of Gomutra: –

It is beneficial in three diseases:- It is very beneficial in maintaining balance of the three diseases vat, bile and phlegm.

Antioxidant for all diseases: – It is considered to be anti biotin, anti microbial, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti allergic.

Protect against infection:- In diseases like infection, cold, cough and sore eyes, it is very beneficial for you.

Clean the blood:- Keeps eyes and blood clean and cures diseases related to blood in a moment. Oral problem: – If you speak a parrot, then take a few drops of this Ayurvedic medicine every day, then your disease will be cured.

Beneficial in cancer:- It acts as a lifesaver in cancer, which keeps the body of the body active and does not reduce.

Keep young: – It prevents aging and does not allow a person to grow old quickly.

Exclude toxic elements: – By eliminating the toxic elements present in the body and excreted by urine, the body remains fresh and does not become tired.

Provides strength to internal organs: – It keeps the internal organs healthy like kidneys, lungs etc. and removes all the harmful elements present in them.

Constipation: – Relieves constipation and other stomach diseases.

Helpful in stress: – If you feel stress, then you get rid of this disease very easily, stress itself gives birth to many people in the body.

Dermatitis: – It is considered very beneficial in skin related diseases like allergies, dry skin etc. Makes skin soft and smooth.

Obesity: If you consume IMC herbal cow urine with honey and lemon, then your weight will decrease rapidly.

Extremely beneficial in asthma and anxiety.

Relief in joint pain: – If you have pain in any part of your body, then massage it daily with cow urine, heat cow urine and apply it on your joints and massage it properly.

Stomach worms: – If you are troubled by stomach worms, then take this product on an empty stomach. Insects will disappear. ┬áIf you are suffering from jaundice then you must consume it on an empty stomach. You will be healthy soon.

Sugar: – If you have any disease related to sugar, then it is very beneficial for you. You consume it every day, due to which you will get immense benefits and your sugar level will be controlled.

Brighten the face: – If you wash your mouth with cow urine daily, it will cure the nail, pimples and pimples etc. on your face soon.

Heart disease: – If you are a heart patient, drink two spoons of cow urine daily, you will get relief from many diseases.

How to Take:-
If you want to use IMC herbal cow urine and make your body healthy, then take 15ml urine daily with 50ml water on an empty stomach in the morning and evening. In the meantime, if you have some diarrhea problem, please do not panic, this is a good symptom. Initially, you should consume it in small amounts and keep increasing it gradually, which can go up to 30ml, yet if you have any problem in it, please seek the help of a doctor.

This product come in 500ml packing with Mrp 375Rs

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