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DP BV MRP – IMC Network Products Price List 2022 | PDF

10 min ago – Download catalogue New IMC Products Price List PDF | PPT Hindi. After some time we also provide rate list with the image. IMC Network is an Indian direct selling company that uses a multi-level marketing model that aims to eliminate middlemen and promote the use of herbal products.

About IMC Company

IMC network marketing business was started in 2007, it has been almost 15 years since the company came to the country, and with the way the company has made its place in the market, it is clear that people are interested in this business product with a lot of trusts. As we are seeing nowadays, people have lost their jobs in the Corona era and they have no other way of earning, this company also gives you a good and golden opportunity to do your own business.

The fastest growing IMC business company in India is challenging every MLM business today. Due to rising inflation and unemployment, it is the business of this company to provide maximum employment to the people.

The purpose of this company is to make people aware of herbal products. Today food items and medicines found in the market are giving poison to the people.

How many products are working In Market of IMC?

In view of the competition in the market and some companies are giving mixture of adulterated goods and medicines to the people.

In view of all this, the company works on almost all the products, it sells a total of eleven categories of products in the market and from time to time also adds some new products to its price list. The product categories are as follows:-

Skin Cae
Personal Care
Baby care
Health care
Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Home care
Food products
Apparel and apparel
Accessories & Promotions
Tool Books and Literature

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