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Top 6 (Six) Modicare Face Wash Pack Benefits, Price and Reviews

modicare face wash pack
Do you want info about Modicare Face Pack(face wash)? Are you looking for benefits, reviews, and demos of these products? Let us know about the top 6 face wash of modicare from this post.
Although thousands of skincare products are working in the market, where you will get more than one face pack and Facewash products, but the thing about Modicare products cannot be found in anyone else.


In this network marketing category, you will find many best products of Facewash, which will also get rid of problems like instant glow and stain spots.
So are you ready to know about these products, then read this post till the end and know the answers to all your questions. We hope you will be completely satisfied after reading this post.
1. Velocity Men Oil Clear Face Wash (With Vitamin & Sunscreen) Benefits
Velocity Men’s Oil Clear Face Wash is a face wash that helps eliminate sweat, pollution and excess oil from your skin. Which makes the skin less sensitive to oil-related problems.
The vitamin B3 present in it keeps your skin fresh, helps to cleanse the skin without causing too much dryness.
This face wash is very good for oily skin. There is no harm of any kind to your skin.
You will get this only in Rs 140 from any Modicare Consultant. Which is available in a packing of 50g.

2. Schloka Avocado Face Scrub (Face-Wash) (With Oatmeal & Neroli Face) Benefits
The Sachlok Avocado face scrub gently exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. It gently cleanses the dirt from the skin so that there is no damage to the skin.
Oatmeal cleans out impurities such as pores, unclogs and embedded blackheads from the root. So that your face freshens up and blossoms like a rose.
While Avocado and Neroli bring back the lost skin moisture and give your face a new look that gives you a distinct identity in a crowd.
You get this product in direct selling market for Rs. 280, which comes in a packing of 60ml.
3. Schloka D Tan Face Wash Pack (With tulsi and clove) Benefits
Sachloka D Tan Face Wash Pack, made with tulsi and cloves, is a boon to the D Tan skin. Made from natural oils of basil and cloves, this pack eliminates dryness. Keeps face cool and fresh.
Clove helps to cleanse all stains on the face. By applying this pack, marks of acne are cleared on the face.
The price of this product is Rs 195, which is available in 60ml packing. You can buy it from any Modicare Consultant.

4. Schloka Glow Face Wash Pack (With Orange Peel and White Clay) Benefits 
If you want to make your face shiny and radiant like the sun for 24 hours, then you should use Sachloka Glow Face Wash Pack.
The extract of orange peel present in it absorbs excess oil from your skin and makes it soft and shiny. Unscrew the pores and remove impurities in the face.
White clay gives a natural look to the skin and refreshes. Which boosts your confidence.
You will get this product at Rs 224. It comes in a packing of 60ml.
5. Schloka Purifying Face Wash (With Lime Peel & Neem) Benefits
Sachloka Purifying Face Wash is a powerful cleansing agent product specially made for men. It removes skin dirt as well as cleanses the skin from detoxification and excess oil.
Due to which the balance of moisture remains on the face. Which brings your tired and withering skin back to life. Neem extracts fight acne and skin problems due to being antibacterial and keeps the skin fresh.
The price of this product is Rs. 198. If we talking about packing it then you get it in 60ml.
6. Schloka Face Wash (With Neem & Gotukola) Benefits 
Due to the combination of Neem and Gotuloka in this Sachloka Face Wash Pack, it adds a new life to your skin. The neem present in it eliminates stains and spots on your face and also relieves other face related diseases. Also, the antioxidant present in Gotuloca helps to cleanse the scars on the wrinkles on your face. It also cleanses the marks caused by wrinkles on the face and keeps the skin young.
If you think to buy this face wash, you can get this in 160Rs with 60ml.
If you want to see these product reviews and demos, you can get good information by writing the name of the product on YouTube.
We hope you have liked this article, if you want to know about other products of Modicare, then write to us in the comment box. We will provide you with complete information about all the products that you want to know and what is your opinion about this article, please do let us know by writing a comment.

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