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Instant Food IMC Badam E Kheer Benefits, Price & Demo

imc badam kheer benefits

Delicious IMC Badam E Kheer prepared in 5 minutes. Learn about the benefits, price, and Reviews of IMC Badam ki Kheer.

If you want to eat sweet and sweet too that will give strength to your body and also eliminate your hunger. So buy now Badami E Kheer made by IMC, in which you will get all the nutritious ingredients, which are very beneficial and important for your body.

Why is this Kheer important? 

If you are tired, you are unable to cook.
Due to some disease, you cannot eat heavy food.
Being alone at home, you don’t know how to cook.

So this Kheer is very beneficial for you in all these moments.

Which herbs are IMC Badam-E-Kheer made of? 

You will get many nutritious ingredients in this Kheer, which you do not easily find in any other food. Here you will find: –

Small cardamom
Aloe vera sat
Arjuna Sat
Brahmi Sat
Ashwagandha Sat

You get all this mixture in the form of powder inside this kheer.

Benefits of IMC Badam E Kheer: – 

Almond is a nutritious food which has many benefits on our body such as – Eating Badam improves memory, reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%, Set blood pressure on a normal level, strengthens bones and is terrible like cancer. Also protects us from the disease.

You will find many nutritious ingredients in Kheer made by IMC, Pistachio is one of them, Pistachio keeps away all our cardiovascular diseases, it helps in creating sexual health in men, prevents terrible diseases like cancer, hair Strengthens, relieves diabetes, it increases the hemoglobin in the blood, it keeps the digestive system healthy, it wrinkles on the face Does not let it comes in and also increases eyesight.

Cardamom present in Kheer protects you from cold-related diseases, stops hiccups, keeps blood pressure normal, it removes toxins from the body through urine, if anyone in your family is having trouble like vomiting. If you can make a little kheer and feed it, then its vomiting will stop immediately, it removes the stench of the mouth and all other diseases related to the mouth, It is the correct target and the stress over.

The aloe vera present in it brings glow on your face, keeps your skin beautiful. The anti-aging in aloe vera prevents wrinkles on your face and it also keeps away diseases like pimples and makes hair stronger.

If your mouth is cooked or any of your family members have this problem, then you can make this kheer and eat it, which will give strength to your body, as well as it will also cure the food lying in your mouth because it contains Arjuna Sat is very economical on the mouth.

Brahmi present in this Kheer protects you from all the diseases related to hair such as – Itching in the head, dandruff, hair breakage, etc. This keeps blood sugar levels normal. Sharpens the mind. Do not allow cancer-related diseases to flourish in the body. Digestive keeps the nerve strong.

Ashwagandha also has immense benefits to our body. It keeps the thyroid normal, helps to increase body height, relieves tension, increases sex power, relieves all skin related diseases, is very beneficial for eyes and hair. Also strengthens the roots.

How to make? 

It is very easy to make this Kheer, you just have to open this packet in 1 liter of milk and cook it for 20 to 30 minutes. Now you have to enjoy this delicious dish.

What is the price of this IMC product? 

This product comes in a 125-gram packing in the market, which has been priced at 120Rs. But you cannot pull it from any normal shop in the market, for this, you will have to contact IMC consultant or distributor.

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