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Unlimited Useful IMC Shri Tulsi Drop Benefits, Use & Price in Hindi

imc shri tulsi benefits, use & price
Learn here IMC Shri Tulsi Benefits, Use, and Price (Kya hai Tulsi ke fayde, gun). Also, know how to buy online this product.
IMC Shri Tulsi is used in more than 200 diseases such as flu, swine flu, all types of fever such as dengue, malaria, typhoid, chikungunya etc. cough, colds, joint pain, blood pressure, obesity, sugar , Allergic hepatitis, urinary problems, vata disease, hemorrhage, swollen lungs, ulcers, stress, lack of semen, fatigue, loss of appetite, vomiting, etc.


Benefits of IMC Shri Tulsi:–>


1. Disease Resistance Capacity: – IMC Shri Tulsi enhances disease resistance. Tulsi contains properties that enhance disease resistance, such as adaptogen and antioxidant, which increase the immunity of disease. Every day Shri tulsi’s use keeps our body healthy and hydrated.
2. Environmental protection: – Recently found that Basil’s environmental benefits, are also Basil gives constant oxygen for 20 hours and nascent oxygen to ozone for 4 hours which eliminates harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide from the environment.

3. To free drinking water from poisons and microbes: – Nowadays, many problems are with our drinking water. If two drops of Shri Tulsi is added in 1 liter of water and after 5 minutes, if that water is consumed, then the water becomes well after getting rid of the toxin and pathogens.
4. Use of Shri Tulsi in children’s problems: – Tulsi is very beneficial in children problems like cough, colds, vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Tulsi is very beneficial in chicken pox, it should be used with honey.
  • If a child is given a Tulsi on every day before removing the tooth, the child gets benefit in the hassle of getting out of the tooth and the teeth to come out easily.
  • Mixing honey in Shri Tulsi gives children the benefits of cough and sore throat. Providing Tulsi in hot water provides relief from stomach worms.


5. Experiments in Pain Relief: – A special type of chemical in the Tulsi is Cox-2 inhibitor which is helpful in relieving pain, besides many other chemical substances, reduces inflammation and neurological pain and it does not have any side effects like allopathic medicines. Basil is also used in filling wounds because it is a good antiseptic, also works in the form.

6. On the arrival of fever: – IMC SHRI TULSI-SRI is very beneficial in fever due to germicidal, fungicidal, anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties of Tulsi. Mix 2-3 drops of Shri Tulsi with some cardamom powder and drink it two to three times a day.


7. Use of Mr Tulsi in Hair Disorders: – Dry and damaged hair are often the cause of concern in our beauty; Increasing pollution in cities and many other causes harm our hair. It is very important to keep hydrated and to maintain balanced diet to overcome your hair problems.
  • Instead of always relying on homemade or herbal remedies for hair problems, we use chemical products that increase more our problem. Shri Tulsi is a wonderful medicine that helps in achieving bright and healthy hair.
  • In the hair problems such as hair fall, hair follicles, cucumber, etc., 8 to 10 drops of Tulsi should be mixed in 10 ml of aloe gels or hair oil and massaged in the roots of head, forehead, chant and hair
  • Tulsi should mix well with lemon juice in the same amount and put it in the hair of the head well, let it be kept for 3 hours, then wash the hair after it. Putting the night in the morning, washed in the morning, Hair yoke will die.
8. Use of Mr. Tulsi in brain related problems: – In the problems of headache, migraine or memory related problems, mix 10 drops of Tulsi with Aloe Gels and massage should be done in the roots of head, forehead, necklace and hair.

In the shortage of memory, Tulsi should eat with empty stomach mixed with honey.

9. Tension Problems: – Antioxidant properties and antistress hormone cortisol, due to keeping the level of normal, helps to remove stress, consuming daily Tulsi strengthens the nervous system that keeps stress away. . To keep stress away from yourself, anyone can eat 8 to 10 drops of Tulsi everyday.

Mixing Shri Tulsi in the honey loses its dizziness.


10 Use of Tulsi in eye disorders: – Eye problems such as lack of eyesight, eye inflammation and cataract are very beneficial because they contain Vitamin A and C in abundance, both of these vitamins Very beneficial for the eyes.


11. Use of Shri Tulsi in Nasal Disorders: – In the nose diseases or in the nose, it is recommended to heat two Tulsi drop and put in the nose after it is released and it gives a lot of benefit.

12. Use of Shri Tulsi in Skin Diseases: – Tulsi, with amazing properties, has proved that this is an important medicine in skin care and beauty products, it has a lot of beauty benefits. It helps in keeping skin and hair healthy and shiny


  • Tulsi is one of the most organic products for your skin and hair problems. Due to the antiseptic and purifier properties it helps to prevent skin diseases.
  • Applying Shri Tulsi with coconut oil in the burning condition provides relief in pain.
  • To get rid of skin scars and spike,  make a paste of  Tulsi and white egg paste and use this paste in circular motion at damaged place after 20 minutes, wash it with water, white part of the egg Closes open pores and acts as Tulsi infection and antitrombant, which are the causes of nail impulses.
  • IMC SHRI TULSI  has the power to make beautiful and healthy the skin. It cleanses the body’s blood.


13. Use of IMC Tulsi in the mouth and throat disorders: – Throat diseases such as blisters in the mouth, sit in the voice. put 8-10 drops of Tulsi in hot water and do the garrulous water needed. Together, Mr. Tulsi should consume with a little bit of pepper powder and it gives a lot of benefit. Tulsi consumption is beneficial in other ulcers and other infections of the mouth. By drinking 8-10 drops of hot water in hot water daily, drinking the infection of the mouth becomes disturbed.


14. Use of Tulsi in Dental Disease: – Due to toothache, tooth worms, bleeding in the gums, etc. should be put into 4 to 5 drops of Tulsi water and rinse it.


15. Use of Shri Tulsi in Ear Disease: – Heat the Tulsi lightly in the ears, the burning of the ears, and each drop a drop in the ear.


16. Use of IMC Shri Tulsi in respiratory disorders: – Shree Tulsi contains many chemical substances such as vitamin c, camphene, eugenol, cineole etc. There are remove the congestion of the lungs.
  • All these chemical substances help to complete the damage caused by smoking and T.B. etc. Tulsi is used to make almost all the cuff syrup. Mr. Tulsi helps to clear the cuff.
  • Take two drops of Mr Tulsi in colds, sneezes, headaches, fever, asthma, etc. Mixing ginger juice and honey together brings plenty of benefits.
  • Small children who suffer from pneumonia or ribbing, they should take two drops of Tulsi with honey and massage should be done on the child’s chest by mixing Tulsi with almond granular or indigenous ghee.
17. Use of Shri Tulsi in cardiovascular diseases: – Tulsi is very beneficial in cardiovascular diseases, due to its regular use, cholesterol levels decrease in the body and prevention of problems such as heart attack, BP, stroke etc.


  • Tulsi contains important chemical substances such as Vitamin C, euzenol, antioxidant etc. which protects the heart from harmful effects of free radicals.


18. Use of Tulsi in Blood Sugar or Diabetes: – IMC SHRI TULSI – Many antioxidant and essential oils such as Euzenol, Methyl euzenol, Caryophylene, etc. which increases the efficiency of pancrease’s beta cells and helps in the formation of insulin, this is why Tulsi is very beneficial in reducing blood sugar.

19. Use of IMC Tulsi in the digestion or abdominal disorder diseases: – It is beneficial to take Tulsi with honey and ginger juice when it is reversed.

  • In an absence of hunger, Mr. Tulsi should be consumed with ginger juice and black pepper.
  • In the stomach worms Mr. Tulsi should continually take an empty stomach.
  • By mixing equal quantity of juice of Shri Tulsi and Pan leaves, the disease of the children’s stomach gets exhausted.
  • Mix Tulsi with Allo Gels and make paste. When stomach pain occurs, it is easy to put this coating around navel and stomach.
  • After bathing, having gas in the stomach, add a glass of ginger water and put 4-5 Tulsi leaves in the water and add salt in it.
  • After taking the Tulsi meal, it is beneficial in all diseases related to stomach.


20. Use in Deaddiction: – The use of Shri Tulsi is very beneficial in ending the addiction of alcohol, bidi, cigarette, gutkha, zarda, khaini. Whenever alcohol, bidi, cigarettes, gutkha, zarda, khaini etc are summoned, two drops of water should be consumed by the use of Shri Tulsi and the cavity ends.


21. Use in Cancer: – Shri Tulsi is anti-cancer property. It is helpful in treating many other types of cancer including breast cancer. Tulsi prevents blood vessels from nourishing tumor cells. Prevents the development of oral cancer due to tobacco.

22. Use in Blood Disorders: – Shri Tulsi works to clean the blood. The use of Mr. Tulsi in the absence of blood is very beneficial, it is very helpful in increasing the body’s red blood cells.

23. Use of Tulsi in Women’s Disorders: – The use of Shri Tulsi is very beneficial in the problem of vomiting during pregnancy in women. The use of Tulsi is also very beneficial, due to the white leucorrhea in women or the problem of liquor or white water.
24. Use of Shri Tulsi in Kidney Disorders: – Tulsi is a very good diuretic drug. It exits all the venom and microbes from the urethra to the body. Essential oils contain acetic acid and many other chemical substances that work to break the kidney stones, along with its palliative properties, relieves the pain of kidney stones.


In the kidney stones, Tulsi should be mixed with honey and it should be consumed by the kidney stones early.

In the problem of uric acid, Imc Shri Tulsi should be mixed with honey and it should be of great benefit.

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