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Powerful IMC Floor Gold Cleaner Benefits, Use, Reviews and Price

IMC Floor Gold Cleaner

Know the benefits of powerful IMC floor gold cleaner, how to use, price, review and where to buy it at a good price. Go through all these questions about this post.

Often we buy various types of items to decorate the house and decorate them in the house. We do this so that our house looks beautiful, But if your home floor is not clean then all this stuff is useless.

A clean floor that enhances the beauty of the house, a dirty floor works to spread diseases in the house. Often we do cleaning the floor of all the rooms in our house well. But still stains, fungi, etc. remain there.

Those who do not go smoothly and spread it in other parts of the house, in feet or in shoe, slippers. There is a lot to invite diseases.

If you want, your home floor to look beautiful and shiny So that the viewer’s eyes should be open to the open. And the frozen germs, fungi, etc. end up on them. So that the children are walking safe and do not miss them.

So you take away the floor gold cleaner made by the IMC, which is known for its powerful heavy-duty.

This is the only cleaner in India to glaze the frozen fungus, germs, and stains on the floor in minutes, and shine it. This product is a strong mixture of neem, pine oil, and lemon juice. Neem, which destroys the germs and the pine oil makes the floor shiny and lemon juice easily removes stubborn lubrication stains from all sorts of stubbornness.

Benefits of IMC Floor Gold Cleaner:-


  • It is an antifungal and antibacterial product rich in natural properties, end of all the germs that are stored on the floor.
  • It runs away cockroaches, flies, and mosquitoes. They do not let them sit on the floor easily.
  • This makes the floor clean and tidy.
  • It is a product made of powerful antifungal properties.
  • It specializes in cleaning the product marbles, chips, tiles, floor, and washbasins, etc.

How to Use

It is very easy to use this floor cleaner, it comes with its ultra power. It’s only a lid to put you in half bucket and put it on your floor. Whether you can use it with clothes or anything else. As soon as it looks on the floor, it will start immediately its work.


If we talk about the price of this product in the market. You have been kept in 120Rs which you get in 100ml packing.


The reviews of this product have come to our website after reading other sites. We have carefully watched all the videos available on YouTube. And the comments made by the people. After reading the reviews given by people on e-commerce site like Amazon, Flipkart, we give this product a rating of 4.4 out of 5. Which indicates how successful this product is, after landing in the market.

Where to Buy 

You can buy this product by contacting any IMC Distributor Store or Consultant. If you want to buy this product online, please click on the link below. Where you get discounts of up to 70%. For this, you have to follow some term and condition.

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