Friday, 26 April 2019

Download PDF -> New Keva Industries Products Price List 2021

New Keva Industries Products Price List 2021

Are you looking for Keva Network Marketing products price list with DP and MRP rate 2021? We have brought for you the Keva product price list 2021. You will also get business value points. We have updated this list according to the rate of all new products of the company. and it has The BV points available on the product have also been shown on behalf of the Keva company. This is a Direct Selling Marketing company, which is ISO certified and working in accordance with India's network system. This company especially works on healthcare products to improve the lives of people and get the opportunity to earn money. 

New Keva Industries Products Price List

New Keva Industries Products

Keva Industries Products Price List in india

Keva Industries Products

Keva Products Price List


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  3. हैंड वॉश का एमआरपी 99 है business value 16 hai वीडियो में बता रहे हैं कि 50% बिजनेस वैल्यू डिसटीब्यूट कर देती है कंपनी 99 का 50% 16 कैसे हो गया जवाब देंगे क्या इसी प्रकार साबुन क्रीम फेस वास 15 परसेंट बिजनेस वैल्यू दे रही है

    1. Ji 99 rupees Ka jab aap hand wash kharidte hai to uske sath ek aur fee milta hai jisse ek Ka dam 50 percent ho jata hai.

  4. I'm not interested in this product

  5. Keva ke products tu RCM se mehange (costly) hai