Friday, 12 April 2019

All BMW Car Showroom Price list in India with New Models of 2020

All BMW Car Showroom Price list in India

Get your favorite BMW Car Price List here. BMW( Bayerische Motoren Werke) is a German company, which is found in 1916. All the cars in this company are very much liked in the world. They have counted super luxurious cars. In India, the dream of every human being is to take his own BMW car. All models of these cars are very good and the features offered. We present all the new models of BMW cars rate listed for you which lunch and update in 2019 by this post. See Now!

The BMW 3 Series
  320d-Prestige  Rs 39,80,000
  320d-Luxury Line Rs 45,30,000
  330i-M Sport Shadow Edition Rs 47,30,000
The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo
  320d Gran Turismo-Sport  Rs 47,70,000
  320d Gran Turismo-Luxury Line Rs 50,70,000
  330i Gran Turismo-M Sport Rs 51,90,000
The BMW 5 Series
  630i Gran Turismo-Luxury Line Rs 63,90,000
  630d Gran Turismo-Luxury Line  Rs 68,90,000
  630d Gran Turismo-M Sport Rs 73,70,000
The BMW 7 Series
  730Ld-DPE Rs 1,22,40,000
  730Ld-DPE Signature  Rs 1,31,50,000
  730Ld-M Sport Rs 1,34,60,000
  740Li-DPE Signature Rs 1,34,60,000
The BMW X1
  X1 sDrive20d X1-Expedition  Rs 35,20,000
  X1 sDrive20i X1-xLine  Rs 38,30,000
  X1 sDrive20d X1-xLine Rs 39,30,000
  X1 sDrive20d-M Sport Rs 42,40,000
  X1 xDrive20d-M Sport Rs 45,40,000
The BMW X3
  X3 xDrive20d-xLine  Rs 56,00,000
  X3 xDrive20d-Luxury Line Rs 58,80,000
  X3 xDrive30i-Luxury Line Rs 58,80,000
The BMW X5
  X5 xDrive30d-Edition X Rs 69,40,000
  X5 xDrive30d-Design Pure Experience  Rs 77,90,000
  X5 xDrive30d-M Sport Rs 82,90,000
The BMW X6
  X6 xDrive35i-M Sport Rs 92,20,000
  The all-new BMW M2 Competition  Rs 81,80,000
  The BMW M4 CoupĂ© Rs 1,35,90,000
  The BMW M5 Sedan Rs 1,43,90,000
  The BMW X5 M Rs 1,77,00,000

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